Modeling Embossing Seals.

Рельефная печать.

Hi! I am Igor Barbe.


Embossing Seals.Рельефные печати.Embossing Seals.Рельефные печати.Embossing Seals.Рельефные печати.

Embossing Seals.Рельефные печати.

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Very expensive! A very long time! Very Good!

This is my hobby! Workshop equipment equipped with three systems of 3D scanning and two metal-centers with a servo system - the price is more than 250.000 Euro.

At the beginning of 2011 - the only system in the world!

None of them made seals to show I can not because of corporate restrictions. "General DNA" - my personal corporation in Nevada.

Only eight of "Corporate sets of embossed seals" per year.
Three months of summer I do not work - swim in the sea...


I'm starting to learn English. I work at all stages is absolutely one. No assistants. Otherwise, do not keep secrets.

 Игорь Барбэ Igor Barbe Игорь БарбэEmbossed Seals.Рельевные печати.